Hurricane and Windstorm Claims

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!”
Walter Scott

As a result of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, a large number of fraudulent and/or questionable claims were filed against major insurance companies that had to be investigated and, in many cases, litigated. Many large property and casualty insurers turned to Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod, Kantor for help in investigating claims that seemed questionable. In dealing with all types of Hurricane Andrew claims from 1992 to 1997, our attorneys learned how to conduct extensive and effective EUO’s (examinations under oath) to halt questionable claims early.

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At the same time, some companies asked us to file insurance claims on their behalf due to our knowledge of the process.  Our skilled attorneys were able to make sure that they were reimbursed for the full extent of their losses.

Using construction experts, financial experts, marine surveyors, and other loss professional, our firm was able to evaluate claims and secure payment when it was due. However, when claims appeared questionable, our firm investigated, resolved, and defended our clients’ interests through trial if necessary. By handling the legal end of the problem, we allowed those companies to focus on their strategic business priorities, instead of hurricane clean up.

Now that a record-breaking number of hurricanes have left a wake of damage across Florida,  our firm has the experience to help you sort out the claims.

Already, an emergency rule has been issued imposing new requirements on public insurance adjusters who survey wreckage and give damage estimates.  The order prevents public adjusters from collecting cash up front, requires them to charge a fee of no more than 10% of the claim, and gives homeowners 14 days to cancel a contract.

Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod, Kantor is a proud member of Windstorm Insurance Network, the educational association for windstorm claims professionals. For experienced representation in a hurricane damage matter, contact us to speak with one of our capable lawyers regarding your claim.