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Engage the Hightower SEAL Team to immediately respond to a serious accident.  The Hightower SEAL Team can:

  • Direct and coordinate the on-site investigation
  • Protect the entire investigation with the attorney-client and work product privileges
  • Obtain and secure evidence immediately that will assist in defending against a future claim or lawsuit
  • Discretely and privately interview company employees
  • Retain defense experts to perform vehicle inspections and scene documentation including photography, 3-D laser scanning and aerial drone imaging
  • Retain field adjusters and investigators to assist counsel
  • Ensure preservation of vital physical evidence including lock down of vehicles, download of vehicle data, retention of company records, etc.
  • Demand preservation of evidence by records custodians, opposing parties, law enforcement, and witnesses to avoid spoliation
  • Secure witness statements and cooperation
  • Canvass the scene for surveillance video and additional witnesses
  • Utilize public records requests to obtain government agency files and materials (911 call audio, law enforcement dispatch audio, police officer body camera footage, police officer dash camera footage, recorded interviews, etc.)
  • Act as a liaison with law enforcement, OSHA, other investigative agencies or the media
  • Assist with FMCSA, DOT, or other regulatory post-accident compliance
  • Defend employees against traffic citations
  • Refer company employees to criminal defense attorneys, if necessary

When time is of the essence, place your trust in attorneys who know how to take charge of an accident scene and can come to your aid anytime. Don’t wait months or years for a claim to be made or a lawsuit to be filed.  It is not always a desk job and we’re not afraid to get dirty!

When the need arises, call, text or email 24 / 7 / 365, and one of our experienced SEAL Team lawyers will be on the way!

Christopher S. Stratton, Esq.
Hightower SEAL Team Commander
(561) 512-1577
“It Pays To Be A Winner”