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Fraud / SIU (Special Investigative Unit)

Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod & Kantor takes a very aggressive posture to protect its clients against instances of suspected fraud. The state of Florida (and particularly the South Florida region) has consistently been ranked as a “Judicial Hellhole” by the American Tort Reform Foundation over the years.  Attorney advertising has become rampant via highway billboards inviting the potential for unscrupulous Claimants to try for a quick “money grab.”

In addition to suspected fraudulent claims brought by individual Claimants, our firm also has experience with in-depth investigation of questionable medical and billing practices by local medical facilities, accident clinics, and physicians.  The firm’s attorneys have specialized experience with suspected fraudulent first and third party property, bodily injury, and worker’s compensation claims.

We are able to utilize the latest technologies to help uncover the truth about a claim (including obtaining 911 call audio, law enforcement body camera footage, law enforcement dash camera footage, surveillance video from nearby businesses and/or home security systems, law enforcement investigative files, social media investigations, comprehensive background checks, activity tracking technology, cellular phone data, witness statements, and discreet surveillance).  We implement aggressive defense tactics before and during litigation.  Many clients will hire us to have the Hightower SEAL Team respond to and investigate an incident shortly after it occurs, not years later when a lawsuit is filed.  Our aggressive pre-suit practices can include the taking of Examinations Under Oath (EUOs) or the filing of an equitable action (Petition for Pure Bill of Discovery) to obtain pre-suit discovery if Claimants otherwise refuse to voluntarily produce the information requested.

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As a Commercial Trucking Litigation Supervisor, I have found Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod & Kantor to be not only extremely knowledgeable but personable and readily available. It is difficult in today’s commercial claims arena to find a Defense Firm who is willing to accept the challenge of mitigating the existing exposures by building a solid yet economically feasible defense. My comfort level in combatting the litigious mentality of some is by far exceeded with Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod & Kantor.
Dale, I just wanted to let you know in all my past experience as a Florida Adjuster how impressive I think Herb is. He does an amazing job not only with the critical incidents but in every aspect of the claim from medical specials to property damage issues. He is an incredible asset to us and our client with his consistency, reliability, responsiveness and knowledge. In our line of work folks are very quick to complain (present company included of course) and rarely take the time to call someone our when they do an amazing job. I am taking a minute to let you know but I am sure you already know that about him! Thank you and your team for all you do!
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Lee and his team at Hightower do a fantastic job with our construction cases. They are zealous in their defense of clients, practical in their assessments and tremendous communicators about the ins and outs of cases. I continue to be thankful for their representation of our insureds and for their professionalism and friendship.
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Michael and his team at Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod & Kantor are incredibly knowledgeable about Premises Liability Law and are exactly the kind of trusted partners our company values. They instill a sense of confidence by laying out the facts, case law, and risk assessment to help make well-informed decisions. They are not afraid to defend vigorously, while maintaining professionalism and civility. If I need to engage outside counsel, I would turn to Hightower, Stratton, Novigrod & Kantor without hesitation.
Dan Novigrod and his team are very professional, thorough, proficient, and knowledgeable.  They take time to explain matters that may be unclear and they were very flexible in scheduling. Dan’s team demonstrated an ability to grasp our unique qualities and tailor their approach to the case accordingly. I absolutely would recommend them and definitely intend to continue using them for the foreseeable future!